If you take a walk through the historic centre you'll find many fascinating places. The Plaza del Coso Viejo and Plaza de las Descalzas are particularly worthy of mention. Other places symbolic of Antequera are the Iglesia del Carmen (Carmen Church), the Colegiata de Santa Maria, the Alcazaba and the Portichuelo. Try some of the local dishes, including "porra" (a cold soup, similar to gazpacho) and "pio antequerano" (a salad dish) in summer. Of course, these should always be accompanied by "mollete", a type of bread roll typical of the region. For dessert, you can enjoy "bienmesabe" (an almond sponge) or "angelorum" (a sponge and meringue dessert). Antequera offers numerous bars where you can enjoy something to drink at night. Those on Calle de la Calzada are some of the most recommended.


Climbing at El Chorro, in 'Desfiladero de los Gaitanes', is a world-famous activity among fans of this sport. There are more than 20 routes you can tackle. It is also possible to play golf in Antequera. The town has two clubs that each have an 18-hole course.


The Dolmen of Menga

When you visit this complex, it's impossible not to feel as though you are being transported through time while you try to understand why our ancestors created such a majestic monument. The construction process has been internationally recognised and it is currently one of the best preserved and most important constructions of its kind in the world.


El Torcal Nature Reserve

The karst landscape of this nature reserve make it unique. It is one of the most charming places in the province of Malaga and Andalusia. Its rock formations, setting, scenic tranquility and activities available at its Visitors Centre result in this being one place you simply must visit.